Bart's Red (2010)

This Lodi field blend of four red varietals dominated by the Italian Barbera is a winner that's versatile and delicious. Plus, Double-Gold award winner!

Wine History: A "field blend" typically mixes grapes of different varieties grown in the same field, crushed together on the same day. Bart's Red blends Barbera (47%), Petite Sirah (22%), Alicante Bouschet (18%) and Carignane (13%). Lodi has come into its own as one of California's top appellations for old-vine zins, but these other varietals also thrive in Lodi's hot, dry climate. The Alicante Bouschet vines date back to 1930 and were originally planted by the Catholic Diocese.

Tasting Notes: This deep-red wine is beautifully structured thanks to the Alicante Bouschet (a rare red-flesh grape) and Carignane, both of which add body and color. The Barbera lends notes of cherry, while the Petite Sirah brings a touch of chocolate and black pepper to the finish. This smooth, versatile wine pairs well with just about everything, particularly tomato-based dishes and cheeses.

Price: $38.00/bottle; $32 Wine Club Members

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