Bart's Red (2015)

This Lodi field blend of four red varietals dominated by Syrah is a winner thatís versatile and delicious.

Wine History: Lodi has come into its own as one of Californiaís top appellations for old-vine zins, but other varietals also thrive in Lodiís hot, dry climate. This spectacular wine showcases some of the best examples including Syrah (60%), Petite Syrah (20%), Zinfandel (17%), and Alicante Bouschet (3%). The Alicante Bouschet vines date back to 1930 and were originally planted by the Catholic Diocese.

Tasting Notes: This deep-red wine is beautifully structured. Itís a full-bodied, complex fusion of Lodiís best wine varietals. The anise notes of the Syrah pair beautifully with Barterraís selection of Danish gourmet licorice, and the wine makes a great companion to any hearty meal.

Price: $38.00/bottle; $32.30 Wine Club Members

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