Bart's Red (2016)

This beautiful Lodi wine is 100% Petite Sirah. Young but beautifully structured and perfect for cellaring or enjoying today.

Wine History: Lodi has come into its own as one of California's top appellations for old-vine zins, but other varietals also thrive in Lodi's hot, dry climate. This spectacular wine showcases Petite Sirah -- a rare full-bodied and deep red varietal. While this grape was growing in France as early as the mid-1800's, it's rare, with less than 10,000 acres planted worldwide, primarily in California.

Tasting Notes: This deep-red wine is beautifully structured. It's full-bodied with potential to age for 3-5 years. When opened, give it an hour or so to evolve its full flavor. You'll detect black pepper and luscious fruit.

Price: $38.00/bottle; $32.30 Wine Club Members

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