Introducting the Old World Wines of the Tuscan Collection

We sell our wines directly to you, the consumer. You will find them at selected restaurants in the bay area. This lets us guarentee the quality of each bottle we sell, becuase we know it has been transported and stored with the utmost care.

Wine making for my family has always been a passion and a tradition passed down for generations. For years I have been striving for a wine that reflected my family heritage as well as incorporated the practices of the old country of my grandfather. This Old World Red Wine Collection represents that look into the past where wine did not have any unnecessary processing or ingredients such as cultured yeast inoculation, nutrient additions or filtration or sulfates - these are terroir principles. The distinct taste is something you will not have had before and is a perfect conversatation piece at any gathering.

Terrior is the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. I encourage you to stop by and try this phenominal wines and get a glimpse into my families heritage. Oh, and ask me about my grandfather because he taught me a lot about life and wine.

Tuscan Collection