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Savor Our Unique Fruit and Herb Extra-Virgin Olive Oils

We carry a range of extra-virgin, 100% California olive oils that are cold-pressed in small batches with fruits or herbs, resulting in deep, fresh flavors.

Available in attractive bottles in two sizes, these are unique, delicious treats for your own kitchen or to give as gifts.

Our olive oils are made in limited quantities using the finest natural ingredients. Visit us and taste all of the delicious flavors!

Great for instant 'pasta pesto' or tossed with balsamic vinegar on salad.

Delicious on pasta, sandwiches, or for dipping bread.

Drizzle over popcorn for additional pop!

Perfect on fish, chicken, or salads.

Manzanilla (Spanish olive)
A slightly smoky flavor that's delicious for dipping.

Enjoy with duck, chicken, and salads, or bake into brownies!

Wonderful with lamb, turkey, chicken, and salads.

7.6 oz. bottle: $14.00
12.7 oz. bottle: $21.00

Made in Modesto, California packaged by Barterra